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Inclusion in education: The values of Cambridge House Valencia

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Inclusion in education at Cambridge House British International School: personalised attention, a plan for each student.

Inclusion in education aims to ensure that all students, regardless of their differences, can access quality education. This formative approach recognises diversity as a value and respects the uniqueness of each student.

Inclusive education is a model that seeks to break down barriers that prevent access to quality education for all students. A school that understands and practices inclusion in education recognises the importance of adapting the teaching-learning process to meet the unique needs of each child, providing a supportive environment and all the human and pedagogical resources to achieve this. At Cambridge House Valencia, inclusion in education forms part of the objectives of all educational stages.

Personalised attention: inclusion in education

Every student is different and has different aptitudes, which is why a curriculum that pursues inclusion in education must be focused on meeting the needs of each student to ensure that their skills and competencies are channelled correctly and not lost. In Cambridge House British International School classrooms, personalised attention is key to the whole teaching process. To this end, we have a Psychopedagogical Guidance Department made up of professionals with solid training and experience in educational psychology for children and young people. This team works both individually and in the classroom to address the needs of our students, including specific learning difficulties, special educational needs, emotional management problems and high abilities, among others.

Furthermore, through our regular assessment system, teachers are able to identify the areas in which students have a good command and those in which they may need more support, allowing us to personalise their learning process according to their individual needs. Our curriculum is carefully designed to provide support, guidance and education to all students, regardless of their particular abilities.

This approach facilitates the coexistence of students with different levels in the same class. With the guidance of the teacher, each student progresses towards the set learning objectives at his or her own pace. We strive to foster an environment where the uniqueness of each student is valued and respected, where all students feel comfortable approaching teachers with any concerns, no matter how great, to provide the necessary support. Thus achieving inclusion in education, without neglecting the overall performance of the group.

Inclusion in education

A plan for each student

In addition, our school has an Inclusion Department which works in partnership with parents and teachers to provide individualised advice and support for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Because early identification of special educational needs is fundamental to removing barriers to learning and ensuring the holistic progress of students in cognitive, personal and social aspects. To achieve this goal, our Inclusion Department uses a variety of tools to identify whether a pupil needs additional support or a diagnosis of SEND. If so, an Individualised Education Plan (IEP) is developed and implemented according to the level of support required by the pupil's specific needs. All this work of inclusion in education is carried out with exhaustive monitoring and in constant communication and advice with teachers, as well as with parents so that they are informed at all times of their children's progress.

Inclusion in education: Breaking down barriers

Inclusion in education also means removing physical barriers. For this reason, Cambridge House Valencia's facilities are fully adapted for people with reduced mobility. We have ramps, lifts and platform lifts at all entrances to the school to ensure smooth movement. In addition, we offer facilities to reach the school by private transport, with two parking areas available nearby. In addition, we have a nursing service provided throughout the school day by a registered nurse.

Summarising, inclusion in education is essential and necessary to ensure that all children and young people have access to the same opportunities, and it has a positive impact on students by offering them the tools they need to carry out their education and allowing them to live the academic experience as just another of their classmates. If you would like to find out more about how we work with inclusion in education at Cambridge House Valencia, don't hesitate to make an appointment.

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