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English courses on Saturdays in Valencia

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Quality of teaching, fun methodology, didactic material... Discover all the advantages of English courses on Saturdays  in Valencia.

Nowadays, learning English has become a fundamental skill for the academic and professional success of our children. Saturday English courses in Valencia are an excellent option for parents looking for a complementary education for their children. As you know, there is a wide and varied range of English courses for children in Valencia, which can make choosing the perfect course a challenge. If you are thinking of enrolling your children on a Saturday English course in Valencia, here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

English courses on Saturdays in Valencia: our keys

1. Quality of teaching

The most important thing is to make sure that the course is run by professionals who are highly qualified in teaching English to children. Research the training and experience of the teachers and make sure that they use teaching methods that are appropriate for the age of your children. The quality of teaching is fundamental to successful learning.

At Cambridge House British International School, beyond providing a stimulating educational programme, we offer courses designed for both children and adults to learn or improve their English. These courses are available Monday to Thursday and Saturday. 2. Group sizes

2. Class size

Class size is a key factor in the effectiveness of the teaching. Make sure that groups are adequate in number as children can receive more personal attention. This allows them to participate actively and practise the language more effectively.

At Cambridge House British International School, the classrooms for English courses are adequate to get the most out of the students and achieve real progress in the world language.

3. Fun and participatory methodology

Children learn best when they are having fun. Look for a course that offers a dynamic and participatory methodology, including games, songs and interactive activities in English. This will keep your children interested and motivate them to learn.

That's why we encourage you to discover a dynamic and interactive English learning experience like the one we offer at Cambridge House British International School with our Saturday course. This programme is designed for children from three years to adults, and runs from September to May, from 10:30 to 13:30. We are a school, so we understand that education and fun are not incompatible!

4. Didactic material

Make sure that the course provides quality teaching material, such as reading books, online resources or original and specific audiovisual material. At our school we have the right material that can make learning more effective and entertaining.

5. Assessment and follow-up

Ask if the course includes regular assessments to measure your child's progress. A good course should provide feedback and follow-up to tailor teaching to the individual needs of each student. At our school, feedback is constant, so both students and parents will know from the teacher how your child is progressing in English.

6. Duration and flexibility

Consider the length of the course and whether it suits your schedule and needs. Saturday courses can be an excellent option for busy families. Make sure the length of the course is adequate to achieve the desired learning objectives.

8. Safe and friendly environment

It is important that the environment in which the course is taught is safe and child friendly. This will help to make them feel comfortable and motivated to learn. For our teachers, maintaining the flame of attention, confidence and self-esteem is key to learning the world language.

7. Costs of English courses on Saturdays in Valencia

Compare the cost of the course with the benefits it offers. Make sure you are getting good value for your investment in terms of quality of teaching and learning opportunities. If you are interested in Cambridge House British International, please contact Sibling discounts are available.


At Cambridge House British International School, we not only provide a challenging educational programme with English as the main language based on the National Curriculum of England, but we also offer additional English language learning opportunities for children and adults. Whether you wish to learn English from scratch or perfect your existing skills, our English courses, available Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings, are the perfect choice. We are also an Official Cambridge Examination Preparation Centre, which means that we provide you with the preparation you need to gain internationally recognised qualifications. If your goal is to improve your English language skills, look no further, our courses are your best option!

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