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International Certifications at Cambridge House British International School: IGCSE and A-Levels

At Cambridge House Valencia we are governed by a solid foundation: academic excellence. As a Globeducate school member, we are committed to educating people who are capable of excellence in all areas of life. To this end, we become their main support throughout their academic life. This is helped by the international certification we offer at our school.

As well as giving languages the importance they deserve, our school follows the National Curriculum of England, which is quite different from the Spanish educational framework. A way of educating that ensures that students, on finishing Bachillerato, are recognised at many of the most prestigious international universities (both inside and outside Spain), thanks to their internationally respected academic qualifications.

Our certifications are not the certifications we are all used to hearing about: students receive international certifications, that is to say, recognised worldwide: exams are prepared, corrected and evaluated externally, by a qualified body. Furthermore, the tests that students have to pass are adapted to this form of assessment, which has nothing to do with the Spanish model. Specifically, we have the international certification IGCSE and A-Levels.

What is the National Curriculum of England: Cambridge House Valencia international qualifications

Before going on to define each of these international qualifications, let's give a brief summary of the National Curriculum of England, the syllabus of our educational model.

As its name suggests, it is the official curriculum followed in the United Kingdom. A curriculum that differs in some key points from the system that governs education in our country.

This curriculum organises the academic years into 'Key Stages' or educational stages in the Spanish system.

  • Early Years, the equivalent of Infant Education in the Spanish system, which covers Nursery and Reception (3 and 4 years of age).
  • Key Stage 1 (KS1) is divided into two years (Sixth Form and Primary 1 in Spain). During these years, children complete their literacy, strengthen their phonics and are introduced to the subjects of English, Maths and Science.
  • Key Stage 2 covers four years (Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Primary in the Spanish system). Children start at the age of seven and finish at the age of 10.
  • Key Stage 3, which here would be Secondary, runs from 11 to 14, and starts one year earlier than in the Spanish system.
  • Finally, Key Stage 4, from 14 to 16 years old, as it is made up of two years in total.
International certification


IGCSE, one of our international certifications

Having explained our key educational stages, let's move on to one of the international qualifications we have at the school: IGCSE, an acronym for 'International General Certificate of Secondary Education'.

These are official examinations which must be passed in order to complete the secondary stage of the British education system.

These exams, which give access to international certification, are taken at the end of Key Stage 4 and are made up of compulsory subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, French, Physical Education, Spanish Language and Literature, Social Sciences, Valencian, Biology and Social Sciences) and other optional subjects, from which you can choose: Art, Drama, Computer Science, Italian, Geography, History, Business, Food and Nutrition, Travel and Tourism or Music, among others.

These exams are taken at the end of Secondary Education and lead to the Baccalaureate study, known as Key Stage 5.

A-Levels: the latest and most important international certification.

Just as the Spanish system has a university entrance exam, the British curriculum has A-Levels, the official exams that Cambridge House Valencia students sit and which provide the other international certification we offer.

They are taken at the end of Key Stage 5 and the results obtained in these exams are of vital academic importance, as they will determine students' university prospects.

Access to the best universities thanks to Cambridge House Valencia's international certifications

The grade obtained in the A-Levels exams is, as we say, the most important, as it is the one that will allow the student to take one future or another thanks to their international certification, as the university entrance requirements vary depending on whether we are talking about Spanish universities (public or private), from the United Kingdom, or from other parts of the world. Whichever path Cambridge House British International School students decide to choose, these international academic certifications will open doors to their future.

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