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Sixth Form Cambridge House Valencia
Sixth Form

Sixth Form at Cambridge House British International School

In the National Curriculum of England, the Baccalaureate is known as the Sixth Form, and corresponds to Key Stage 5 in the British education system. At the end of this stage, our students obtain the A-Levels and the homologation to the Spanish Baccalaureate Diploma. 

As in the Spanish education system, Sixth Form is a non-compulsory stage, which takes place between the ages of 16 and 18, and languages continue to play a fundamental role, both inside and outside the classroom. 

At this stage, students at Cambridge House British International School prepare for A-Levels, the British academic qualifications which give access to prestigious Spanish and international universities. Our students can choose from a wide range of A-Level subjects, depending on the pathway they have chosen to follow, while preparing for their Spanish PCE subjects, gaining access to a wide range of qualifications that will open doors to top universities in Spain, the UK, the USA, Europe or the rest of the world, should they wish to do so.

At Cambridge House we encourage our students to become even more responsible for their own learning and growth, both academically and personally, promoting independence, responsibility and teamwork. 

The pathway to success

At Cambridge House School we provide our students with the support, guidance and skills they need to achieve their academic and personal goals and to be able to successfully progress to higher levels of education or to the career of their choice. This includes personalised guidance programmes on different university options and careers, university fairs, as well as questionnaires and psychometric tests to help them choose the most suitable options for their abilities, academic strengths and personal ambitions. Whatever they decide, we will make sure our students are well prepared for it.

English National Curriculum Sixth Form Cambridge House
Baccalaureate Britis education system

International opportunities

Outside of lessons, students are offered the opportunity to participate in events such as the Globeducate Model United Nations, as well as arts and academic conferences and competitions designed to stimulate enquiring and innovative minds.

Students at Cambridge House can choose their A-Level courses from a wide range of subject options.

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