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English National Curriculum IGCSE A-Levels

Academic qualifications at Cambridge House 

At Cambridge House British International School we are committed to helping our students achieve academic excellence, supporting them at every stage of their educational journey, based on the National Curriculum of England framework. Our students take the IGCSE and A-Levels of the British education system, internationally respected academic qualifications which give access to prestigious universities both in Spain and all round the world. 

IGCSE and A-Level 

The IGCSE and A-Level certifications whose rigour and excellence are recognised worldwide, as they are examinations corrected and evaluated externally to the school. By passing these exams, our students can gain access to the most prestigious international and Spanish universities, both public and private. 

English National Curriculum access to international universities

Access to British Universities

For access to British universities, at least two A-Level passes are normally required, although for more prestigious UK universities, at least three A-Level subjects at grade B or above are necessary.   Students make their university application via UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Service) and the school provides help and guidance for our senior students throughout this process.

UCAS applications process

Access to Spanish Universities

Access to public or private Spanish universities with A-Level qualifications is guaranteed under the same conditions as Spanish students applying from Spanish schools. The validation process for our students is carried out via UNED (Universidad de Educación a Distancia) and is known as Direct Access. For more information please take a look at our FAQ section.

Access to International Universities

University access is not limited to Spain and the United Kingdom. A-Level qualifications enable our students to apply to universities throughout Europe, the United States, Canada and the rest of the world.

IGCSE and A-Level academic qualifications are internationally respected qualifications.

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