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Primary at Cambridge House Valencia

In the British education system, primary education consists of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, with standardised tests at the end of each stage. During this stage of education, as well as providing a solid foundation in language and numeracy skills, we consolidate our students' personal, social and emotional skills; skills which will enable our students to meet the challenges they will face in the following stages of education, and beyond. In this educational stage we teach the following subjects: Computing, Science, History and Geography, PSHE, Music, Art and PE.

Holistic and inclusive approach

The National Curriculum of England offers teachers a substantial degree of flexibility, not only during Early Years but also in primary school. There is ample scope within the curriculum to develop important skills to cope with an uncertain future, such as learning to think innovatively and encouraging critical and analytical thinking, unleashing imagination and inventiveness.

At Cambridge House British International School we expose our students to original approaches to learning that help them to improve problem-solving skills and enhance creativity, helping them to take a broad and comprehensive view of the world around them. 

Throughout the primary stage we consolidate personal and social skills.

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