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Academic results

Academic results at Cambridge House 

At Cambridge House British International School we are truly proud of the excellent academic results obtained by our students in the A-Level and PCE examinations, certifications that open doors to respected and recognised universities. 

Our students have been at the top of their game and have worked hard to achieve their goals. In addition, we are honoured to have students who have obtained a score of 14 out of 14 points, a clear example of motivation and joy for their classmates, and the entire educational community. 

More important than results is preparation for life, and that is precisely the basis of our educational philosophy and the essence of our curriculum. Furthermore, at Cambridge House British International we take all our students to the official exams, so we are particularly proud to have achieved this level of educational excellence.

Cambridge House British International school welcomes students from the local area and abroad. We champion an inclusive approach to education and our students join us at a range of educational starting points.

Our students routinely achieve above UK averages at IGCSE and A-Level and go onto their university of choice.

Within the British system students will sit externally assessed examinations at the following points:

  • IGCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) at end of Year 11 (equivalent to E.S.O. 4 in the Spanish system)
  • AS Level (Advanced Subsidiary) examinations at the end of Year 12
  • A-Level (Advanced Level) examinations at the end of Year 13.

Special Awards

We also had a number of Cambridge House students who achieved special awards from exam boards for attaining the top points score in a number of subjects. We are very proud of these students and grateful to their teachers for all the support and wonderful opportunities they give our students to succeed.

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