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Interested in sending your child to Cambridge House British International School?Find out more about our curriculum, our educational philosophy, school life and all the services at Cambridge House British International School in a personalised, face-to-face or online visit. Book your visit today and enjoy a personalised tour of the school where you will meet the teachers, discover the facilities and learn more about the day-to-day life of our school and the amazing educational and international experiences we provide for our students.

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Excellence in British education

Located in Rocafort, the school follows the National Curriculum of England, a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes practical and experiential learning, with English as the vehicular language, allowing real language immersion from the first day of school. Furthermore, the British education system transcends strictly academic learning, encouraging students to discover the world in a deeper way, developing their individual talents and respecting the views and abilities of others.  


Outdoor learning to develop soft skills  

Preparing today's children for the challenges of tomorrow is Cambridge House's leitmotiv. Therefore, it provides its students with a curriculum that encourages outdoor learning, which offers a wide range of benefits for both the academic and personal development of the students.   

 By participating in outdoor activities, students have the opportunity to learn experientially, experiencing and reflecting on concepts in a practical and meaningful way. It also fosters curiosity and creativity by providing a space to explore, discover and ask questions. It also increases students‘ academic performance by improving students’ concentration, motivation and engagement in learning, fostering a lifelong passion for learning. 

About Cambridge House

Cambridge House British International School is a private college with more than 35 years of history. It was the first British school in Spain to obtain the BSO (British School Abroad) distinction and the accreditation of the NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain). We follow the National Curriculum of England for students from three to 18 years old, making available to our students a broad and balanced educational program, specially designed to meet the needs of each student, in a fun and curious learning environment. In September 2021 Cambridge House British International School joined Globeducate, one of the most prestigious international school groups in the world.

British education, progressive values

Global community, international perspective

A lifelong passion for learning

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