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Ritual and Traditions

Ceremonies and traditions at Cambridge House

Throughout the school year we hold a number of much-anticipated events, both for the wider school community and for the students themselves, as they often help to plan them. As well as cultural events, we celebrate academic milestones, such as the end of term, graduation ceremonies or Assemblies, which help to improve communication and public speaking skills while fostering a sense of belonging to a group and respect for the rules of coexistence, as well as encouraging fellowship and empathy. 

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Assemblies communication and oratory skills

The House System

The house system is a very common feature in British schools, helping to build community spirit, to develop a sense of identity and belonging that extends beyond the classroom. It is also a useful tool for values education and for celebrating achievements, both our own and those of others.

Each and every one of our students is assigned to one of the school's four houses from Year 3 upwards: Benlliure, Blasco Ibañez, Escalante and Sorolla. Throughout the day, and during each day of the course, students accumulate points for the house they represent, both for their attitude and behaviour inside and outside the classroom, through special events promoted by the school, such as Sports Day, art competitions, culinary activities and ecological days.

The benefits of the House System in the integral development of the students are multiple: it promotes teamwork and collaborative work and responsibility, develops leadership and communication skills and fosters a sense of belonging to a community.

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