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Curriculum at Cambridge House

The Cambridge House syllabus

Cambridge House offers its students a curriculum designed to bring out the best in each and every student.We live in a complex and fast-moving world, and our aim is to educate our students to become active and responsible members of the international community, able to understand and meet the challenges of the 21st century.

With over 35 years of history behind it, Cambridge House was the first British school in Valencia, offering families the National Curriculum of England at all educational stages, from Early Years to Sixth Form. 

For further information regarding course information, subject specific syllabus and examination content and guidance on how IGCSEs, A-Levels, BTECs and Selectivo subjects enable access to university please see the following links:

Real English language immersion

As a British and international school, English language immersion is total from the first day of school. We provide a multilingual educational programme, with English as the vehicular language. Spanish is introduced in Reception class (Year 4) and as our pupils progress through the school year they incorporate other languages into their curriculum. Spanish and French are compulsory up to Year 11 and then become optional A-Levels. Italian and German are offered as GCSE and A-Level electives.

Other areas of learning

Beyond languages, our curriculum encourages a wide range of interests, such as music, sports, arts or drama. Our facilities provide our students with the time and space to develop their interests and benefit from the personal enrichment of a full cultural life.  

Close family environment

Cambridge House is a safe, close-knit family school with a strong, committed local and global learning community. We want our students to have self-confidence, a positive attitude and, above all, a passion for learning. At Cambridge House, every student is given the attention they need to achieve their goals, both academically and personally. 

Throughout their school life, we teach our students to investigate, to learn independently, through a wide variety of educational strategies and resources aimed at guiding the educational journey for each student to reach their full potential.

English National Curriculum 3-18
British IGCSE A-Levels certifications


In the British education system, the curriculum is organised into five stages of education, from Early Years to Sixth Form, each with clearly defined areas of development.

At Cambridge House we use continuous assessment throughout the school year, with final assessments at the completion of each stage. Continuous assessment provides an overall picture of each student's progress. It also allows us to tailor our syllabus to the specific needs of each student.

Our students take the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations at the age of 16 and A-Levels at the age of 18. These are the internationally recognised qualifications for Secondary and Sixth Form in the British education system, which means that our students can gain access to the best universities in Spain and the rest of the world, both public and private.

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We are dedicated to ensuring that every student feels confident, positive and enthusiastic about learning.