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Excellence in British education

The British education system

The British education system is renowned throughout the world, not only for its tradition and prestige, but for its combination of a strong commitment to academic excellence and a practical, holistic approach to learning, always at the forefront of education. 

At Cambridge House we follow the National Curriculum of England, while complying with the Spanish educational requirements set by the Valencian government; a unique combination that allows us to provide our students with an international education, with real language immersion in English from the first day of school.

Our classrooms are organised in such a way that each student receives the personalised attention they need at all times in order to access all areas of the curriculum and develop their academic potential to the maximum. A configuration that allows students of different levels to coexist in the same class. With the teacher's support, each student achieves the stipulated learning objectives but at their own pace and without detriment to the overall progress of the class.

Our regular assessments system allows our teachers to identify those areas in which the student is strongest, as well as those in which they may need an extra push, enabling us to tailor their learning pathway to their specific needs. Our curriculum is specially designed to support, guide and educate all students, whatever their specific abilities.


Excellence beyond the classroom

At Cambridge House we understand educational excellence in its broadest sense, which transcends academic achievement. It is a key concept in British educational methodology, which goes beyond the classroom. 

Our teachers encourage their students to take an interest in the wider world, to think critically and independently, to form their own opinions, always with the utmost respect for their peers and teachers.  

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excellence beyond the classroom

Critical and analytical thinking is central, so from the very first day at school students are taught to solve problems, to work collaboratively in teams, to analyse and to think critically and creatively; essential skills for both personal and professional purposes. 

At Cambridge House we provide our students with unique learning opportunities outside the classroom, from 'outdoor learning' to events, activities and trips as a  complement to our curriculum.

We have a university orientation programme. This programme includes individual tutoring sessions, vocational tests and informative talks to accompany and guide our students in the complex task of choosing a career. 

To complete the academic offer we also have an extracurricular programme; from artistic and creative activities to sports, as well as academic and technological activities. A complete offer specially designed to meet the needs and concerns of our students. 

Psychopedagogical Department

At Cambridge House we have a Psychopedagogical Department with extensive training and experience in educational and child/youth psychology, which works both individually and in the classroom to meet the needs of our students, such as specific learning difficulties, special educational needs, difficulties in emotional management or high abilities, among others. 

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Excellence does not only mean academic achievement.